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44holidays Holiday Comparison website is the easiest way of searching the world’s holidays within seconds. The prices we display are actual prices and available at time of advertising from helpful travel agents waiting for your call.






Flight Questions


Passports, Visa and Travel Advice


General Questions about 44holidays



Who do I need to contact about a holiday I’ve booked or a holiday I’ve seen online?

Please contact the holiday provider you booked with or who is advertising the offer. A list of agents can be found in Contact Us.


I can’t remember the company I booked with. How do I find them?

You can look through the Contact Us section to see all our advertisers. Failing that please check your bank account or credit card statement for the company details. Our advertisers will Email you their contact details on booking.


Are transfers included in the price?

Transfers may be included it depends on the type of holiday booked. The travel agent will confirm all details at the time of booking. If they’re not included in the advertised price, they will be available as an optional extra.


How much does it cost to cancel a holiday?

You will need to contact the travel agent you booked with directly and enquire.


What do the offers include?

It will depend on the airline and holiday provider whether baggage, resort transfers, etc. is included. Please contact the travel agent to find out more.


How much checked in luggage allowance is allowed, does that include cabin luggage?

Checked in luggage allowance, whether included or purchased as an optional extra will depend on the airline that the holiday is booked with. In regards to cabin luggage, this will also vary from airline to airline. Please contact the travel agent that you book with to find out more.


If two of us book a holiday, will we be able to sit together on the plane?

Extra charges may occur for seat selection and this will depend on the airline that the holiday is booked with. Please contact the travel agent to find out more.


Are the holidays advertised on 44holidays protected?

Yes. Advertisers are carefully selected and must be a member of one of the following organisations ATOL, ABTA, Global Travel Group or Travel Trust Association. This ensures that your holiday is protected.


Are the travel agents advertising on 44holidays reputable?

We carefully select travel agents that meet our company standards who are well established, fully bonded for your protection and with exceptional travel knowledge and customer service.



Is it possible to pay for my holiday split onto 2 different cards?

Yes, it is possible to split the payment. Just check with the travel agent first before making the booking.


Are there any surcharges for paying via Credit Card?

You will need to contact the travel agent you book with to find out.


How long before the flight does the holiday have to be paid for?

Different travel agents and tour operators will have different payment terms but it’s roughly between 12 and 14 weeks depending on the carrier. For dynamic packages, the flight element is paid in full up front, along with a deposit for the hotel element

Do I pay 44holidays for my holiday?

No, 44holidays is a holiday price comparison site only, we only compare the holidays. You will book with and pay the travel agent direct.


Do you have to pay in full or is it possible to pay a deposit?

It will depend on the travel agent you make the reservation with whether it is possible to pay in instalments. Please contact the travel agent to find out.


Can I book a holiday online?

Holidays can only be booked over the phone. Telephone numbers of the holiday providers are found on the holiday results pages and within the Contact Us page.


Flight Questions

How do I know who I am going to fly with?

You will find out who you are flying with at the time of booking and on your booking confirmation.

Flights can be changed to suit your travel arrangements. Ask your travel agent before finalizing the booking.


Do all the deals include return flights?

Yes all the offers on 44holidays are return flights. If you are looking for one way travel please contact one of our travel agents.


How can I find out the flight times?

Your travel agent will have all the information on flights and they will confirm everything at the time of booking.


Does 44holidays do flights only?

Yes, you can search for flight only through our website and book with one of our travel agents or direct with the airlines.


Passports, Visa and Travel Advice

There are only a couple months left on my passport before it expires. Am I ok to travel for on it?

It depends on where you’re travelling to as different countries have different rules for entry. To check, visit the Foreign Advice Travel website for destination requirements and updates.


How do I renew or apply for a passport?

Passports can be applied for online, over the phone or via post. To find out more about applications visit the UK Foreign Travel Advice website.


How do I find out hand luggage restrictions for my holiday?

There are national restrictions on what can be taken on a plane in hand luggage – make sure your bag is ok by checking the UK Foreign Travel Advice website. For in cabin luggage allowance, you will need to ask the airline or travel agent that you make the booking with.


General Questions about 44holidays

What is 44holidays?

It is a travel search comparison site, which instantly searches for available package holidays, flights, cruise, hotel rooms and car hire within seconds from a selection of travel agents and tour operators.


How is 44holidays different from other search sites?

We provide a unique real time search and compare website, allowing you to find your perfect holiday, cruise or flight within seconds from the industry’s leading travel agents and tour operators.

With millions of offers available at any one time, we provide a full range of products from a weekend city break to an annual summer holiday to that dream luxury cruise. 44holidays is your complete travel resource partner and don’t forget you can also search for car hire and foreign currency.

Unlike many other search comparison websites, all of our advertised prices are actual available and not a “lead-in” or discounted prices merely published to get your attention. Our services are fair to you and the travel agent providing the holiday.


Why should I trust 44holidays?

44holidays are not travel agents, airline provider or operators. We are not affiliated to any brand or agency and we do not steer you towards any partner. You are what make this website work and over the years we have carefully selected travel agents that share our ethics and values on customer service. All travel agents advertising with us are fully bonded for your protection. We are constantly developing innovative tools to let you find your perfect deal.


Where does 44holidays come from? and are websites created by EBusiness ID Limited T/A 44holidays, financed by its founders. The team is passionate about both technology and travelling so developing the best travel search engine on the web just comes naturally.


How long does it take to search?

You can organise your holiday from start to finish on within seconds. Find the perfect holiday, cruise, flight or other travel service to the best destinations around the world.


How much will 44holidays charge me?

44holidays is completely free. 44holidays is not a travel agency and does not sell anything. We redirect you to the supplier with the best offer. and will always be free and transparent.


What dates can I search for a holiday?

44holidays prices guarantee real prices and availability, we have holiday availability for the next 18 months in advance.


Are there free child places on the offers?

Travel agents and tour operators may offer free child places and your travel agent will be able to provide more details. Child prices are normally lower than adult prices.